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2023 Services

A Carol Service for Christmas

We did not record any of our special Christmas services.

For those who were not able to get out to a Carol Service locally, we made a special video.  Members of our congregation sang the carols and read the Bible passages. 

Advent and Christmas

Christingles at CBC


We have been holding a Christingle service at CBC since 1995, but the tradition is far older.  Like many of our Christmas customs, the Christingle originated in Germany.  The first Christingle service was in 1747 at the Moravian church in the village of Marienborn in Saxony.  Moravian missionaries carried the tradition with them to many different parts of the world and the original simple candle has been adapted and changed over the years.  In 1968 it was introduced to the Church of England Children's Society.


Click HERE to find more information on the history of the Christingle and the Moravian Church.

November - Keeping up Momentum

A short 3 week series helps us to keep going in our Christian life.

September & October

July & August - Me and My Big Mouth

A short 4 week series leading up to the end of the Summer considers how we use our words.

June & July - Faith Full

For 4 weeks in June and 2nd & 16th July our services followed a series that helped us to think about fuelling our faith in a world on empty.

May - Focus on Gifts

A congregation survey in January indicated that identifying our gifts and how to use them was a topic worth exploring.

In May we continue a short series on this (first one 23rd April) and finish the month by celebrating God's gift of the Holy Spirit being poured out on the disciples at Pentecost. (Unfortunately due to a technical hitch, the 28th May service was not recorded.)

 January to April - Concluding Mark's Gospel

Mark's Gospel has much to teach us, whether we are simply enquiring about Jesus, just starting out as a new Christian or we have been following Jesus for a long time.  We started working our way through this Gospel in February 2022 and finished at Easter this year.  As we did so, we were encouraged to use a special printed copy of the Gospel to make notes. (Copies still available in church.)

March & April

January & February

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