About us


There has been a Baptist church in Crowthorne since 1914.   The present church building opened on our High Street site in 1953 and the front was modernised by the addition of a foyer in the late 1980s.  We are a group of ordinary people of all ages who have found meaning, purpose and hope for life in a relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Our Vision is 'to build a Christ-centred community', and we aim to base everything that we are and do on that vision.   The vision can be broken down into five areas:


  • Teaching God's word

  • Telling others about Jesus

  • Treating through pastoral care

  • Transforming lives through God's Holy Spirit 

  • Togetherness - regularly meeting with one another on Sundays, in small groups and socially


We pride ourselves on being inclusive, and our Sunday services are friendly, welcoming and lively, as we seek to work out what it means to live the Christian life in the 21st Century.

We recognise that the church is part of the local community and has a calling to serve that community in whatever way we can.  Our position in the middle of the High Street next to the Library gives us a sense of being at the heart of the village, so we are keen to continue the idea of being a “Chaplain to the High Street” that was started by our previous Pastor.   We have links with Crowthorne Parish Council, Crowthorne Good Neighbours and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The Ark Pre-school was started by a church member and we maintain strong links with it.   


HopeZone & Zone6 youth drop-in clubs, which operate during term time, have strong links to CBC.

We maintain contacts at several local primary schools  (Hatch Ride, Wildmoor Heath, Oaklands and Crowthorne Church of England) and with our local secondary school (Edgbarrow).  Our work with them has included assemblies and lunch time clubs.  Before the Covid pandemic, we were pleased that a small group of members started working with Wildmoor Heath School to present the Bible Society's "Open The Book" once a month.  The photo shows them telling the story of Adam and Eve with a very alluring serpent in February 2020. We hope that this can restart before too long.

CBC is a member of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Evangelical Alliance and Churches Together in Crowthorne.

Crowthorne Baptist Church
Crowthorne Baptist Church
Crowthorne Baptist Church