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New Heart - our church redevelopment project

For many years we had a vision to provide a flexible, multi-purpose building on Crowthorne High Street, to operate as a hub for the church to meet and worship and as a space for community activities to thrive.


We are extremely grateful for the work of our architect, Allen Associates, and builders, Morris & Blunt, in helping us to realise this project by April 2021.

Timeline of Events - working backwards to July 2019

April 2021

Photos of the new frontage, taken by our builder, Steve.

After Easter our builders and contractors continued with external work, paving and signage and SFL came in to do further work on our audio visual system in the Heart.  Friday 16th April was a very special day - the official handing back of our buildings!  Watch the video to see Sue and Kevin "cutting" the ribbon and being welcomed by Steve, from Morris & Blunt, and our architect, Scott.

March 2021

On 17th March we said goodbye to most of the builders who have been working on our site.  There has been a slight delay to getting the keys, but everything is still very much on schedule.  The floorings have now been laid.

Here are some professional photographs by Roger Cannon, used with permission.

Entrance into the Heart

The Heart with Baptistery

The Heart from the back

The Hub kitchen hatch & toilets

March 11th: Things are getting nearer to completion and looking very good.  The phone and broadband connections were installed today.  We are excited about getting the keys on 19th March and then starting the fit-out in the coming weeks.

Scroll through the gallery for some of the latest photos.

February 2021

There is further progress with toilet and kitchen installation, plus interior decoration, carpentry and electrical work.  It is exciting to see things taking shape.

New building perspective

Kitchen fittings

The Hub taking shape

Toilet units

January 2021

Update from the site meeting on 26th January:

There is ongoing progress with toilet and kitchen installation, plus interior decoration, carpentry and electrical work.  The repairs to the roof of our old building have been completed on the Manhattan House side.  There is still work to be done on the other side of the roof and other external areas.


We now have names for our rooms: the new worship area will be called "The Heart" and the hall in our refurbished old building will be called "The Hub".

Toilet fittings

Kitchen installation

Internal doors in the new building

Interior decoration in the Heart

Repaired roof (Manhattan House side)

Update from the site meeting on 12th January:

Entrance doors and internal doors have been installed, kitchen floor was being laid, some kitchen equipment on site ready to be installed, false ceilings with lights have been installed, top coat of paint has been applied internally and sanitary ware and tiles and vanity units are on site ready for fitting!!  These are just some of the signs of very visible progress.

Entrance doors to the new building

Interior decoration in the new building

New doors to the old building

Kitchen fittings and flooring

December 2020

Good progress is being made and our buildings are now taking shape.  Watch the video, taken at the site meeting on 1st December.  Make sure you have the sound on for the commentary!

October 2020

Progress continues to be made to both the new and the existing buildings.

The four photos below were taken at the site visit on 20th October.  You can see the cabling ready for the audio-visual installation, an external view of one of the new sanctuary windows, the new entrance ready for construction of the roof and the bifold doors in the hall which will access the outdoor play area.

The next four photos show one of the new front windows that look onto the High Street, the Velux windows in the roof of the new building (from inside and out) and the plant room in the new building.  This has been plastered, painted and the flooring laid.  The grey boxes you can see in the photo are the air conditioning unit.  The boiler will be installed here too.

August 2020

Members had the opportunity to have a tour of the site on 8th August.  Here is a video that has been put together from that visit.  There is a commentary, so please make sure you have sound on.

It is exciting to see the walls going up and other features taking shape.

Scroll through the gallery to see the photos that were taken at a site meeting on 18th August.

July 2020

Roof beams in position on 21st July and the walls are being built.

Great progress is being made with the floor in the new building and the new kitchen and toilets in our existing building.  Scroll through the gallery to see the photos that were taken at a site meeting on 2nd July.