The Leadership Team

Mike Stephenson - Elder

Mike became a member of CBC in 2011.

As an Elder, Mike is there to look after the spiritual side of the church, to give guidance to the Pastor and to assist the congregation in their spiritual growth.  He is also a member of the church band and worship team.

Being on the leadership team involves being part of the decisions of church life.

Kevin Mills - Pastor

Kevin was appointed to be Minister of CBC in September 2020 and started official duties in December 2020.

Elaine Hood - Elder

Elaine has been attending CBC with husband, Philip, since 1989.  She has been involved with worship in church for many years, playing keyboard occasionally and leading services as a member of the Worship team.

Elaine aims to provide spiritual support for the Pastor and the fellowship.  She wants to encourage the prayer life of CBC to help to discover where God is leading us in our mission to the local community and the wider world.

Ian Burrow - Deacon, Treasurer

Ian has been a member of CBC since 1983.

Unsurprisingly the Treasurer’s role is to lead the team looking after financial aspects of church life.  This includes setting a budget for the church, monitoring income and expenditure, ensuring money is spent appropriately, fundraising, and ensuring compliance with legislation.

Justine Wells - Deacon, General

Justine has been attending Crowthorne Baptist church since 1999. 

Her role as a general deacon does not cover any specific area but is one of sharing with the other members of the team in the leadership of the church and supporting other church activities.  Justine is our Assistant Treasurer.

Philip Hood - Deacon, Administration

Philip has been attending CBC since 1989 and as Admin Team Leader is responsible
for making sure that things are in place to support the running of the
church and that we meet our legal requirements.

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