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February - A Month of Prayer 

Church Candles

Our first "month of prayer" was in 2021, during the Covid pandemic.  Last year (2022) we did things a little differently.  This year is different again, but the main thing is to use the month of February to focus more than usual on prayer.


This year there are no organised times or events each week, apart from our usual Church Family Prayer meeting on Zoom on Monday 6th.  Instead we are encouraged to focus on the given theme for the week and set our own agendas, perhaps trying something new in our prayer life (or even starting one, if we haven't done so before).


Prayer Space in the Hub : Monday 13th to Friday 17th February 10am to 4pm and 7 to 9pm (4pm finish Friday)

Come and make use of the space and the different stations to be still, reflect and pray.

Prayer Focus


  • Week 1 - Love Everyone

  • Week 2 - Holy Spirit Reliance

  • Week 3 - Soak in the Word

  • Week 4 - Fearless in Mission

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