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You are very welcome to attend any of our services. Our regular Sunday services are at 10:30am every week (with Communion on the 3rd Sunday of the month).

Advent and Christmas Services - God's Amazing Promises

Christingles at CBC


We have been holding a Christingle service at CBC since 1995, but the tradition is far older.  Like many of our Christmas customs, the Christingle originated in Germany.  The first Christingle service was in 1747 at the Moravian church in the village of Marienborn in Saxony.  Moravian missionaries carried the tradition with them to many different parts of the world and the original simple candle has been adapted and changed over the years.  In 1968 it was introduced to the Church of England Children's Society.  The CBC Christingle service is close to the Moravian style.  We aim to involve the children as much as possible.  The highlight is when the lighted Christingles are carried into a darkened church and we all sing "Silent Night".

Click HERE to find more information on the history of the Christingle and the Moravian Church.

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